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The European Federation of Schools FEDE is an International Non Governmental Organisation (INGO) benefiting from a "participatory status" with the Council of Europe. 
Today, the FEDE brings together over 630 independent educational institutions in France, Europe and other countries.

DEES, Master Européen

From the start, the FEDE set itself two main missions:

  • Participating in the establishment of a true European educational area,
  • Defending the freedom of education.

Developing the acquisition of European culture and knowledge, and enabling independent institutions to be incorporated in a reliable institutional framework are the two main goals pursued by the FEDE.

DEESIn this context, the European Federation of Schools created 75 European Diplomas, from two to five year studies (Bac +2 / Bac+5)
Prépa DEES (Post graduate)
DEES - Bachelor Degree (Bac +3)
European MASTER (Bac +5)

The FEDE’s European Diplomas will act as a gateway to Europe and give you the keys to your success in the following fields:

  • Human Resources, Communication, Marketing, Finance, IT, Administration and Management...


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DEESQSE - European Diploma of Higher Education for Quality, Security, and the Environment

The organisation of industrial output by all businesses, and in particular the SME/SMI, has brought the need for new skills in some closely related areas, where normative and regulatory requirements are becoming ever stronger: in the areas of quality, security and the environment.
Businesses, and particularly the SME, are feeling more and more compelled to bring multi-skilled technicians into their workforce.
This DEES is adapted to all sectors of industry, from service-based companies to heavy industry, and even the health sector with accreditation programmes in clinics and in hospitals.


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