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Keen to move into the future and always facilitate training, the European Federation of Schools (FEDE) has put into place training modules in the form of e-learning.
e-learningThese modules are accessible via member schools of the European Federation of Schools (FEDE) and have a greater following with every year.

Where can I follow an e-learning training course?

Made available by the European Federation of Schools (FEDE), they bring numerous advantages to teaching establishments :

  • Develop an e-learning approach without limits of technical and financial constraints
  • Catch up with the leading schools who have already put e-learning in place
  • Improve relevant exams
  • Make the teachers work richer and more dynamic
  • Develop a qualitative synergy

Three utilisation options are offered to member schools of the European Federation of Schools (FEDE)

e-learningFirst option:

Face-to-face pedagogical work remained unchanged; the student may use e- learning in addition to their course in order to improve learning and results.

Second option:

Face-to-face learning is reduced and completed by e- learning. The teacher structures the course and the utilisation of e- learning for optimised learning.

e-learningThird option:

Face-to-face courses disappear to make way for predominant e-learning training. The teacher becomes a tutor and accompanies their students in their learning experience, according to a progression model defined.

For more information call 0 891 700 115 (0,225 € per/min)

To find member schools of FEDE who offer e-learning courses, click on Search for schools and checking the e-learning box.

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