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The European Federation of Schools (FEDE)

The FEDE, is an INGO that participates in the evolution and progress of education across Europe. The FEDE benefits from a participatory status with the Council of Europe.

Developing Human Rights and the European Culture is implied in all its actions.

The network of more than 630 member schools benefits from the curricula, tools and pedagogical resources established and provided by the teams of instructors and researchers of the FEDE.

The FEDE also represents 75 European Diplomas taken by more than 14’000 students in 303* schools in France and Europe with the opportunity to go abroad on an internship. 

*Every year the number of member schools that organise the FEDE exams increases. In 2012, you could register for one in 303 different schools in France, Europe, and other countries. For further information about these FEDE schools and the diplomas they offer, go to Look for a School.

You can also find your appropriate diploma here: Look for a Diploma.

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